I Don't Hate It | It's night before it's afternoon

Hey there. As usual I'm wondering how it got "so late so soon," what with December right around the corner and it having been June just yesterday.

Is this the first time you're receiving this newsletter? The full archive is available here. The next edition is a guest post by the feminist writer Anna March. You don't want to miss it. (And I bet your friends don't, either, so send them all this way.)

1. Dear Mr. You is Mary-Louise Parker's memoir in letters, a welcome shift in tone and form from much of what I had been reading earlier this fall.

2. Are there books on your shelf whose spines jump out at you when you pass by each day, that seem to call to you from across the room no matter how long ago you read them or what you remember of them? Emma Pérez's Gulf Dreams is one of those books for me. Women, desire, the Texas gulf coast.

3. Are you watching Master of None yet? At one point, Aziz Ansari's character dates a woman from San Antonio so, you know, I'm in.

As always, art by the master of all things web-related and much more, Jen Deaderick.

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